About Angélique

Angélique is a French born independent singer/songwriter living in the United States. She started playing classical guitar when she was 6. During her teens, she moved completely away from classical pieces and started playing and singing songs from the bands she loved. At that time Radiohead was high on her list along with Nirvana and some other French pop rock artists. This was when the guitar truly became her own, as well as a way to channel her feelings.

The transition between playing cover songs to starting writing her own happened during a transition point in her life (a small flat in Dresden) where she felt she was leaving a lot of things behind for something new, exciting and unknown. In a way she felt she had to put this past life into writing to process it once and for all, to be at peace with it and be able to look back on it with no regrets. So she wrote songs - about her, people she knows, and things that happened that left a footprint in her soul.

She recorded and released her first album titled "Angels go by" in Austin, Texas in 2009. She is currently working on recording new songs for a second album.

For those who wonder about the title of her CD, it is a translated French expression: "les anges passent" which is generally used when a silence occurs during a conversation, an angel or angels are said to pass by. Angélique has a thing for angels and this expression seemed to embody the silence that occurred within her during the Dresden adventure that enabled her to hear, follow and create these songs, which are now out in the open.