New Song release- Update 

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It has truly been forever since I have posted anything new on this site. My new resolution during COVID has been to make more music and be more creative. Life has been busy but I find that making the time to create always leaves me with a sense of purpose. Today I am releasing a new track that I put together with some new gear ( Digitech Trio Band Pedal). This track came about during the height of the pandemic while I was battling with some feelings of hopelessness  and depression like I am sure many of you did and still are. For people who wonder where I am at you can find me on FB and Youtube where I have been posting some covers of my favorite songs and have released now a few new originals.

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What Next? 

That's it, I've left Austin TX, number one city for young people who want to have fun, find a job and love live music. 4 years seem to have gone by so fast. I thought this was my last stop for a while but I was wrong. Life is taking me on another journey upstate NY where I'll need to start over. It has been one year since my first CD release and things have been a little slow lately. Time to get off my butt and get motivated ;-)
I have met wonderfull people in Austin that I will miss dearly and that made my TX stop memorable. Thanks y'all!


Next Gig at Cypress Grill 6:30-8:30pm March 11th 

For all of those who missed out on the CD release party here is an encore performance with Kevin Carroll and Ron Flynt at Cypress Grill. The cajun food is delicious and the atmosphere laid back, plus the music will rock Come on out!

CD RELEASE PARTY August 22nd @ 5pm at Cypress Grill ! 

Hi all

Come and enjoy some great Cajun food at Cypress Grill one of my favorite Austin restaurants and hear some live music from my first CD titled "Angels Go By". I'll be playing from 5pm to ~6pm with Ron Flynt at the bass, then enjoy some good food my self :-) so come and celebrate this event with us! You can get your mouth watering by checking out the Cypress website:

Link to Download Radio Interview withélécharger interview sur Maxi-Libre 

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For those who missed the interview and still want to give it a listen, radio rdl has posted a link to download it from their website. You can access it by going to

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Pour ceux qui ont raté l'émission Maxi-Libre sure Écoutez en intégralité de l'interview en la téléchargent ici:

émission Maxi-libre avec Jo et Fabienne annonce du programme  

Ne ratez pas l'émission Maxi-libre avec Jo et Fabienne

mercredi 08/07/09 de 18 H à 20 H.

Lors de notre émission début juin, nous vous avions fait découvrir Angélique Raley une artiste indépendante originaire d'Alsace, installée à AUSTIN (Texas). Ingénieur de métier, elle mène une vie professionnelle et artistique. Elle a sorti son album "Angels Go By" les anges passent". Angélique possède un timbre de voix magnifique, elle accompagne tous ses morceaux avec sa guitare.

Nous aurons la chance de l'entendre en direct d'AUSTIN par téléphone vers 19 H . Vous découvrirez deux titres de son album, sa vie, sa passion d'artiste et ses amis musiciens.

Bonne écoute et encouragez la