If you see this girl alone, she is walking on the road
She is looking for her love; she has lost a long time ago

Chorus: We’re all looking for something
We’re all searching for what’s missing

If you see this man alone, he is climbing up the hill
He is looking for his kid, he has lost a long time ago


And I was walking alone; convinced it would always be the same
But then this great man came along, and took my hands into his

Chorus: And I’m not looking anymore
Cause I’ve finally found what I was searching for
All this time

Our souls got entangled to each other he took away my misery
He showed me what love could really be the sky cleared up instantly

Chorus: And we’re not searching anymore
Cause we’ve finally found what we were looking for
All this time

And now we’ll walk that road together, together until the sun comes down
We’ll have adventures and we’ll have passion until our time comes